Policy Rules

Rules and policies are very important for all of us. We all have to work. But how can we do so if we don’t know how to do so. So we prepare and follow some rules and regulations to make our work easy and proper. In Scouts/Guides Rules and regulations are the most important factors. Discipline , Punctuality , hard work, Patriotism and brotherhood are main aspects of Scouts/Guides. And all these aspects play an important role in creating a better world. And of course Scouts/Guides obeying the rule means enjoying the rules. So some of the rules of Scouts/Guides are as under :

Note : please go through the rules and policies carefully before joining the Scouts/Guides. 1. Scouts Guides is world wide movement and everyone is always welcomed to join and to know more about Scouts Guides . For membership one has to apply online and has to submit the fixed DD of Rs30.5k. at the time of receiving the membership which is totally non refundable.

2. Scouts/Guides has to work World wide But in present is working for PAN India. So is always in need of employees who can give their services to the Nation on the basis of Scouts/Guides. To apply for job one has to go through the site and fill the online form to register. The registration fees is Rs650/- the applicant will be provided with the proper receipt of fees. Applicant has to be very careful while applying ,if the form is found to be incomplete, any error or with any wrong information then the form will be rejected.

3. Then the applicant will be called for Physical examination . After qualifying the physical, applicant has to go through the Medical Test. And after this applicant has to appear in written examination. Once written is qualified the applicant is eligible for interview .

4. Once if the applicant is found up to the mark in interview and is selected then he has to pay the DD of Rs 30.5k. non refundable and will become the employee of Scouts/Guides.

5. After the selection , the candidate is provided with the training of maximum one month , then will be deployed(as per offer letter)It is not necessary how much time it will take to be deployed after training.

6. The registration fee for Scouts/Guides is rupees five hundred and fifty fixed and After selection the demand draft of rupees thirty thousand five hundred will be received which is totally non refundable. There are no other hidden charges other than this.

7. Any kind of misbehave , misconduct, or indiscipline during the training time will not be tolerated

8. consumption of alcohol, any other kind of intoxication is strictly prohibited. if anyone is found doing so will be terminated without any prior notice

9. There is no need to pay any amount to anyone regarding Scouts/Guides . The candidate will be selected on the basis of the examination process and on the basis of his own talent. If anyone pays any kind of amount or bribes to anyone from the Scouts/guides or other than Scouts/Guides , the person who is offering or receiving will only be responsible for that Scouts/Guides will not be responsible for that.

10. If someone from Scouts/Guides is found guilty for any kind of bribe or illegal transaction ,strict action will be taken against him/her by Scouts/Guides and will be taken legally according to IPC of India.

11. Scouts/Guides is not responsible for any kind of transaction other than the registration fee and Demand draft.(as mentioned above) and receipt will be provided for the amount paid.

12. The Provisional period of trainee under Scouts/Guides is from six to eleven months .And the Probation period will be of three years. The Trainee will avail all the facilities and benefits of Scouts/Guides after the completion of probation period.

13. In the provisional period the trainee will be paid only for the working days. The trainee will not be paid for his personal or school offs.

14. The promotion of the candidate will be done on the basis of their performance, remarks from the School or report submitted by the senior.

15. Candidate has to follow all the rules and laws of Worldwide Scouting and .

16. Consumption of alcohol ,any misconduct ,abusive language, misbehave , arguments with senior ,Smoking, during the duty hours or training hours is strictly prohibited . If someone is found doing so , Strict actions will be taken against him or can be terminated immediately without any prior notice.

17. Denying the rules and regulations of Scouts/Guides will be considered as offence.

18. No groupiesm or majority will be tolerated , if such a thing happens or found to be planned against the organization , the individual or the whole group will be evicted immediately without any prior notice.

19. No one in the Organization while working ,whether employee, member or anyone has no right to go against the organisation without any specific reason.

20. All the empoyees , members or anyone associated with Scouts/Guides , has to inform atleast one month before leaving the organization, leaving without informing will led them to pay the panelty or fine depending on the losses of the Organization which are occured due to the accused person.

21. The whole process of hiring will be done by the Head Quarter only.